Our Story

Faith Academy began in August 2021, with a desire to better disciple the students of Quincy Faith Church. We quickly realized others outside Quincy Faith were looking for a faith based option for their students as well.  In May of 2022 we opened the doors for students outside of Quincy Faith.


Faith Academy is a Christian faith-based school for grades K-12. Our goal is to prepare students for career, for life, and for eternity.  The founding philosophy of Faith Academy acknowledges the trust placed in us by our parents and holds in high regard the authority of the home and church to teach their distinctive doctrine held in esteem by a family's own local church and denomination.  

Faith Academy teaches its students according to the principles found in the Statement of Faith, including the statement of Faith and Quincy  Faith Church doctrine. We believe that the very essence of a student's Christian education is not only academic, but should include the integration of scripture and the application of biblical truth in every aspect of life.  

The vision that we share with our students and the attitudes with which we equip them, will enable them to become principled adults whose lives are lived in relationship with God, and who bless their fellow humans by their commitment to love and justice. We believe that it is the call for our students to be conformed to the model of Christ in the whole of their existence, in the whole framework of their beliefs, in the whole complex of their feelings and attitudes, and in every spectrum of their actions.